Used LiuGong 836 Small Front Wheel Loaders

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The proven LiuGong transmission system can meet the requirements of high-intensity and high-load environments. The large-modulus transmission components have a large torsional coefficient and have good overload resistance for instantaneous overload construction. The gearbox has a low brake air pressure protection design. If the brake air pressure is lower than 0.4MPa, the gearbox will automatically shift to neutral, which can implement emergency braking more effectively and ensure driving safety.
Outstanding market share, deeply trusted by users.

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Performance characteristics of Liugong CLG836N loader

1. Strong power

The Weichai WP6G125E333 engine continuously provides surging power.
Weichai WP6G125E333 supercharged diesel engine is designed in Germany and manufactured according to German quality standards.
Large compression ratio, high combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption, low emissions, up to the National III emission standards.
The torque reserve is large, the maximum torque is 570N m, and the torque reserve coefficient reaches 26%, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions.

2. Large comfortable and safe cab

Super large space panoramic vision cab.
Dustproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock absorption, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
Full view rearview mirror.
High-quality sofa seats manufactured by professional technology, suspended and damped, and molded.
Comprehensively enhance competitiveness for users

3. High-end configuration of similar products.

High-efficiency and reliable engine, designed in Germany, has a torque reserve coefficient of up to 26%, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.
LiuGong professionally designs and manufactures highly reliable, high-strength reserve gearboxes and drive axles.
A solid reputation for tough structural components and powerful working equipment.
Super-large space, extremely low-noise full-view cab, new easy and comfortable operation mode.
High unloading height and large retracting angle.
Advanced hydraulic system dual-pump confluence steering priority, low heat, energy saving, quick action.

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