Maintenance of motor grader electrical equipment and transmission system

Electrical equipment and instruments
(1) Check all indicating instruments, lights, lighting equipment, etc.
All instruments should work normally and indicate correctly.When working, the indicator light of the water temperature gauge and the display of the brake system air pressure gauge must be in the green area, and all lights and lighting equipment must be in the green area.
Alarm devices should be complete and effective.
(2) Check the electronic monitoring system
Electronic monitoring systems should be functioning properly.When the hydraulic oil temperature is above 88°C, the brake air pressure is lower than 411.6kPa, the engine oil pressure is higher than 588kPa, and the coolant temperature reaches
At 107°C, the corresponding electronic monitoring indicator should flash. At this time, find out the cause and eliminate the fault.
(3) Check the generator and starter
The generator and starter should be working properly.
(4) Check the battery
Remove dirt adhering to the surface of the battery and clear the vents.

Transmission system
Check the gearbox, rear axle, bridgeside planetary reduction transmission and balance box: when working, they should function normally and there should be no abnormal noise or oil leakage.

Steering system
(1) Check steering performance
When working, the steering action should be flexible, smooth, and reliable. The steering cylinder should have no internal or external leakage, and dirt, oil and debris adhering to the steering device should be removed.
(2) Lubricate steering device
The front axle swing bushing, left and right steering knuckle arm support shaft bushings, front tie rod bushings, front wheel tilt cylinder bushings and front wheel upper and lower kingpin bushings should be lubricated every 50 working hours.
The hinge of the frame oil cylinder.

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Post time: Jan-25-2024