2020 Used XCMG backhoe crawler XE215DA

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Our company mainly sells all kinds of second-hand road rollers, second-hand loaders, second-hand bulldozers, second-hand excavators, and second-hand graders, with long-term supply and high-quality service. Customers in need are welcome to consult online or call for details.

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XCMG excavator XE215DA is an upgraded model of D series, adopting a new generation of hydraulic system, which has the characteristics of flexible maneuverability, good control performance, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large digging force and wide application range. It can be equipped with multifunctional attachments to realize various operations such as crushing, cutting, cleaning, compacting, milling, pushing, pinching, grasping, shoveling, loosening, and hoisting. It is widely used in small and medium-sized earthwork projects, municipal construction, highway and bridge construction, digging and building ditches, farmland water conservancy construction, small mine operations and other projects.

Product features

1. Powerful engine, sturdy and durable, low fuel consumption, in line with National III emission standards, can meet all application requirements;;

2. A new generation of high-efficiency hydraulic system, a new main pump, main valve, electronically controlled stick. Optimize the internal structure of the main valve to reduce the impact and greatly improve the controllability;

3. The new sub-pump independent control system realizes the precise distribution of main pump power, higher operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption;

4. High-reliability working device, XCMG proprietary technology, fully strengthened boom and stick, 1.05m3 large bucket capacity, higher operating efficiency;

5. The brand-new cab with a large field of vision has low noise, and the high-power air conditioner has good cooling, making the operating environment more comfortable;

6. Advanced XCMG Excavator Intelligent Management System (XEICS), digital sharing of machine information, making products more intelligent.

Product failure questions and answers:
Q: What is the reason for the fault 001 displayed on the dashboard of XCMG excavator?
A: The error code 001 is displayed because the signal is interrupted. This code generally appears when the car is reversing. If it cannot be started, it is a hardware problem and can only be repaired.

Q: How to solve XCMG excavator failure 002?
A: Daily maintenance includes checking, cleaning or replacing the air filter element; cleaning the inside of the cooling system; checking and tightening the track shoe bolts; Front window washer fluid level; check and adjust the air conditioner; clean the cab floor; replace the breaker filter (optional). When cleaning the inside of the cooling system, after the engine is fully cooled, slowly loosen the water inlet cover to release the internal pressure of the water tank, and then release the water; do not clean when the engine is working, the high-speed rotating fan will cause danger; when cleaning or replacing the cooling system In case of liquid, the machine should be parked on level ground.

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