Used XCMG GR2153 Motor Grader For Sale

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Our company mainly sells all kinds of second-hand road rollers, second-hand loaders, second-hand bulldozers, second-hand excavators, and second-hand graders, with long-term supply and high-quality service. Customers in need are welcome to consult online or call for details.

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XCMG GR2153 motor grader has a new appearance design. The articulated frame is used to cooperate with the front wheel steering, so the turning radius is small and the maneuverability is flexible. The electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission has 6 forward gears and 3 reverse gears. Equipped with international matching hydraulic parts, the work is reliable.

Product Features

1. The transmission line of the low-speed engine is adopted, and the specific fuel consumption at the rated point is low, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the transmission system is configured with a low speed ratio, and the average fuel consumption is reduced by about 8%; three-stage vibration reduction of the engine, cab, and seat; six-point combination of the cab Support; engine frequency reduction and deceleration, fan with large diameter and low speed ratio, sound-absorbing sponge inside the hood, well-sealed cab, and reduced noise of the whole machine.

2. Dongkang high-efficiency National III variable power engine is adopted, matched with ZF gearbox, and the optimal diameter of the torque converter circulation circle is selected to realize the best match between the torque converter and the engine, reduce the time for starting and accelerating the vehicle, and increase the working time at low speed powerful torque output. Optional herringbone pattern tires can increase the adhesion of the vehicle by about 10% in loose soil, leveling and other working conditions, further improving the power output.

3. Increase the system pressure of the hydraulic system, greatly increase the rotary force of the shovel blade, high-frequency quenching treatment of the ring gear, improve wear resistance and life, and realize the rotary operation with load.

4. The displacement of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor has been increased to achieve a 20% increase in cylinder speed and industry-leading operating efficiency. The arc of the blade is optimized to quickly and efficiently turn soil and dump soil, and achieve the best load distribution and rotary table Minimal material buildup in the area.

5. Full hydraulic braking system, load sensing steering system, international matching of key components, safe and reliable system; CAE overall optimization of structural parts, joint universities and research institutes for special research.


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